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Plan Ahead Wealth Advisors Pvt. Ltd. is a Registered Investment Adviser, SEBI Licence Number INA000000409. There is no obligation for clients to use the execution / distribution services of Plan Ahead Wealth Advisors Pvt. Ltd. Execution of investment advice may be done by a separate division / affiliate of Plan Ahead Wealth Advisors Pvt. Ltd (PAWA). When PAWA provides services to clients, PAWA or any group member / affiliate may have an interest, relationship or arrangement that is material in relation to the services and any financial products or transactions or issuer concerned. PAWA or any group member / affiliate may earn a commission/brokerage/referral fee when the client chooses to use the execution services of PAWA. Plan Ahead Wealth Advisors may also get marketing expense reimbursements from various product manufacturers. These reimbursements may be contingent; event based and may or may not be paid by the product manufacturer / solution providers in a particular period. Further reimbursements may not be attributed to any particular scheme, solutions, products being offered by such providers. This disclosure is made on a best efforts basis and the rates are updated periodically. Pursuant to SEBI circular: SEBI/IMD/CIR No.4/ 168230/09, the details of the commissions that may be earned by Plan Ahead or its associates from various mutual funds / Asset Management companies has been detailed here. There may be other services / products that Plan Ahead also offers which may not be listed here, for which clients are requested to contact Plan Ahead for details. Investments are subject to market risk. Please read the offer documents / SID / SAI before investing. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. For further details or queries please call your investment adviser before investing.
Scheme Type Upfront Commission
(indicative for
Oct -Dec 17)
Trail Commission - 1st Year per annum
(indicative for
Oct -Dec 17)
Trail Commission -
2nd Year per annum
(indicative for
Oct -Dec 17)
Arbitrage Funds Nil 0.50%- 0.60% 0.30%- 0.60%
Bonds / FDs 0% - 2.00% Nil Nil
ELSS Nil 1.20% - 1.75% 1.20% - 1.75%
Equities 0% - 1.00% Nil Nil
Equity & Balanced Nil 1.0% - 1.75% 1.0% - 1.75%
Fund of Funds 0% - 0.25% 0.35% - 1.50% 0.35% - 1.50%
Gilt Schemes Nil 0.20% - 1.10% 0.20% - 1.10%
Hybrid Debt Schemes Nil 0.70% - 1.40% 0.70% - 1.40%
Income Schemes 0% - 0.25% 0.40% - 1.15% 0.40% - 1.15%
Index Fund Nil 0.10% - 0.50% 0.10% - 0.50%
Insurance Plans 0% - 15% 0% - 15% 0% - 15%
Liquid / Floating / Ultra Short Schemes Nil 0.05% - 0.50% 0.05% - 0.40%
Portfolio Management Services Nil 0% - 7% 0% - 7%
Short Term Schemes Nil 0.10% -0.80% 0.10% -0.80%
For detailed disclosures on commission earned when you choose the execution services of
PAWA Please click here  
Plan Ahead Investment Advisory Division and its representatives have the following holdings or positions as of 30th September 2017 in the financial products or securities which are subject matter of advice.
Holders Name of the securities / investments held Whether brought in the last 90 days Whether sold in the last 90 days
Company Tata Ultra Short Term Fund Yes Yes
  DSP Black Rock Strategic Bond Fund  No Yes
Company Aditya Birla Sun Life Savings Fund Yes Yes
  ICICI Prudential Dynamic Bond Fund No Yes
  National Pension System No No
  Tata AIG General Insurance  No No
  ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co.Ltd Yes No
  Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company Limited Yes No
 Director 1 Franklin India Prima Plus Yes No
  HDFC Equity Fund Yes No
  Bata India Limited – Equity No No
  Public Provident Fund No No
  National Pension System No No
  LIC Policies Yes No
  Birla Sun Life Insurance Policies Yes No
  Equitas Holdings Ltd No No
  Reliance Money Manager Fund Yes Yes
  ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co.Ltd Yes No
  Tata AIG General Insurance  No No
  HDFC Medium Term Opportunities Fund Yes No
Director 2 IDFC Premier Equity Fund No Yes
  Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund  Yes Yes
  ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund No No
  Kotak Liquid Plan A No Yes
  Reliance Tax Saver Fund No No
  Juniorbees – NSE No Yes
  Niftybees – NSE No Yes
  Interglobe Aviation Limited  No No
  Public Provident Fund No No
  LIC Policies No No
  Birla Sun Life Insurance Policies No No
  National Pension System No No
  Adiya Birla Sunlife ST Fund Yes No
  ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co.Ltd Yes No
Grievance Redressal System
We, at Plan Ahead, are dedicated towards the prosperity of our clients by following our aim of adding meaning to finances and adding time to your life. In the event of a complaint regarding our services we would be more than happy in addressing and solving it in the most proficient manner.

In case of any grievance / complaint against Plan Ahead Wealth Advisors Pvt Ltd
Please contact Compliance Officer of Plan Ahead Wealth Advisors Pvt Ltd, Vishakha Pednekar, Address of Registered Office :- A – 401,Fairlink Centre, Off. Andheri Link Road, Andheri (west), Mumbai -400058.
Correspondence Address :-A – 207,Fairlink Centre, Off. Andheri Link Road, Andheri (west), Mumbai -400053 /email-id (vishakha.pednekar@planahead.in) and Phone No. - 91- 22 -26740054 Ext 217, 9920178880.
You may also approach Director Shalini Dhawan / email id (shalini.dhawan@planahead.in) and Phone No. - 91-22 -26740054, 9892112336.
If not satisfied with the response of the intermediary you can lodge your grievances with SEBI at http://scores.gov.in or you may also write to any of the offices of SEBI. For any queries, feedback or assistance, please contact SEBI Office on Toll Free Helpline at 1800 22 7575 / 1800 266 7575.
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