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India Practice
Client Testimonials

"I have been dealing with Plan Ahead for the last 3 years. A noteworthy quality of PlanAhead is the honest approach and advise that we have been showered with. The trust that we have built with this approach has helped us reap rich dividends."

Ajaz Mohamed Shafi
Director – East West Freight Carriers, a logistics company


"Plan Ahead keeps my stated end objective in mind - even when I don't! "

Amalendu Jajodia
Chief International Operations – Pidilite Industries Ltd.


"Planahead has been managing all my investments for the last 5 years. They have excelled in all aspects of service, returns and risk management. They have been very rational in boom times and have given the right perspective in volatile times. Over the years, my trust and confidence in them has increased and our investments have beaten all the respective benchmarks. I would strongly recommend Planahead to everybody wanting to build long term wealth."

Anand Lunia
Executive Director and CFO – SEEDfund, a venture capital firm


"Vishal and Plan Ahead have been advising and managing my portfolio since early 2004. They have also been managing the portfolios of family and friends. Thanks to their sound investment strategy and advise, we have been able to reap excellent returns despite the interim market downturns and achieve set goals. 

They have never churned investments for the sake of their commissions in the earlier commission based system from the MFs and many of the MF recommendations they gave us at the beginning we are still invested in. I can honestly say that only thanks to their detailed analysis and timely feedback, we have been earning good dividends and meeting our financial goals. I am happy to endorse and recommend them to anyone looking for sound financial planning to meet their financial goals.

Asit Sait
Founder – Niwas, a textile export company


"My Business activities keep me occupied 24x7 and I have very, very little time to worry about my investments in this highly volatile market so I rely on Plan Ahead, who have looked after my investments over the past few years. They plan investments for my entire family and has been instrumental in helping us put an investment portfolio together.

I would happily recommend Plan Ahead to anyone and everyone. I wish them good luck for the present & future."

Deepak Goel
Director – Geetanjali Woollens, a textile export company


"It has been a pleasure to have been associated with Plan Ahead. As our financial advisor, you have been prudent in your advise, always taking our risk profile into consideration. Your suggestions are based on intensive research and therefore, well informed. I am indeed happy that we appointed you as our family's financial advisor and I look forward to our continued association."

Gulam A. Vahanvaty


"I have worked with many financial advisors over the years, and I would rank Plan Ahead as one of the most insightful and client focused advisors that I have partnered with. We would recommend them strongly to manage both your corporate and private portfolios."

Jayaram Sitaram
Director – Praxis Interactive Technologies, an elearning company


"We have been using Plan Ahead and a couple of foreign banks to advise us on our family and business investment portfolios. We are indeed pleased with their timely and dedicated service. The overall quality of advice, focus on our cash flow needs and excellent understanding of the financial markets and multiple investing strategies, has made Plan Ahead the premier advisor for our portfolio. Overall it has been an excellent experience over the years."

Nikhil Modi
Director – Exim Multimedia, publishing company of  Exim India magazine


"Plan Ahead has been advising me on my portfolio during both my active career and the early part of my retirement. Their goal focused advice, keeping all aspects of my finances in mind, and the wide array of financial instruments that they are able to advise on, has resulted in solutions that are customer centric. As a career banker, I have spent many years overseas, and believe that Plan Ahead is able to offer international standards of financial advisory, with a strong understanding of local financial markets."

R. Jayaprakash
Retired Senior Banker


"Plan Ahead's approach to Investment Planning is holistic, in that it starts with investment goals - children's education, their marriage, retirement planning, etc. and seeks to balance risk & returns depending on the individual's age, risk appetite, etc. It does not focus only on maximization of returns.

Investment proposals are well researched & those suiting individual needs are proposed. Nuances of the proposals are explained patiently & in great detail, and the choice left to the client. There isn't even a hint of coercion.

An exhaustive review of investment goals & portfolio performance takes place periodically and suitable actions recommended.
For those who wish to embark on systematic investment planning & haven't the time to do so on their own, i would strongly recommend their availing the services of PlanAhead.

Senior Management in a leading engineering company

"The distinctive feature of Plan Ahead’s services is their focus of presenting impartial advice, across a range of financial products. A necessity, especially keeping in mind the complex products available today. Couple this with their robust backend which helps make transactions easier, they represent an optimum solution for individual investors."

Shaheed Degani
Head – Commercial & Legal, NDTV Imagine Ltd.

"Exceptionally responsive and throughly professional, I have come to trust Vishal's investment advice with almost blind faith. Over the past seven years that I have been dealing with Plan Ahead, I have seen them grow from strength to strength in building strong competency in portfolio planning and investment advisory services. What I like most about Vishal and his team is their utmost methodical and diligent approach to every brief, be it for building a yearly investment portfolio plan or for exploring a tactical opportunity. What amazes me just as much is the almost unreasonably quick response time. 

Being a non-financial professional, I have singularly relied on Plan Ahead for every big and small financial decision and they have delivered on their commitment everytime.

Yatin Naik
General Manager – Philips Consumer Lifestyle


"I got associated with Plan Ahead in 2003-04 when I had just started off my career as a doctor and not only was I a novice as far as investing is concerned, I had absolutely no knowledge of the principles of investing. Today I can definitely say that I am much better off for, not only has plan ahead helped me grow my wealth, but also more importantly I am much wiser with a fair knowledge about the intricacies of investing wisely with a balance of risks and returns.

Plan Ahead has always been there for me whether it is weathering the stock market crash, or deciding whether I could afford a particular club membership or car, or whether buying a particular property with the current rates makes sense; all in relation to my finances. Right from planning my future in terms of income and investment to my children's in terms of education and marriage, to my retirement plans, to the affordability of foreign trips and their impact on my financial goals, he seems to have it all in his advice. I personally believe that the kind of services Plan Ahead offers, the kind of personalized attention they give and the kind of "forever yours" feel in their dealings whether in person or telephonically is a class apart. Let me say incomparable.

Also worth mentioning is the honesty with which the right products related to you are sold at the right time.

All in all a superlative experience in being associated with Plan Ahead.

Dr. Zubin Vaid
Leading Mumbai Cardiologist

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