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As an entrepreneur, the lines between work and personal life are blurred and so are the finances. In the quest for making your entrepreneurial venture a success, almost everything except the entrepreneurial venture takes a back seat. At a point in time, you wonder who will help separate the business finances from the personal finances. And, where do you start?

In addition, there are stock options which may be worth a lot or maybe nothing at all. Should you put all your bets on the stock options or spread your monies? You are surrounded by so many questions and ideas. In the end, as you know, it is all about how you can take a balanced approach.

In the mean while there is a family and there are dependents, responsibilities and priorities. How do you connect all of them?

Our services help you:

  • Understand entrepreneurial priorities and business needs
  • Map these to personal resources
  • Prioritise personal goals and uses of monies to support these goals
  • Devise a plan to segregate business and personal finances
  • Design a strategy to keep personal investments on track to reach personal and family financial goals
  • Monitor ongoing portfolio and review for the correct course of action