Non Resident Indians

Non-resident Indians today are in a confluence of cultures. Whether you are a UAE based NRI or a USA based NRI, you are trying to ensure you get the best of both worlds. This means the best lifestyle, best education, best healthcare etc, while also ensuring that you remain connected to the country you are originally from i.e. India. Obviously, this means lots of decision making and availing the services of a financial advisor who has an understanding of the geographies of concern. With our clients across the globe, we have significant knowledge and expertise in working with NRI client families.


We are suitably poised to care of the following NRI services:

  • Planning financial goals by geography
  • Customised strategic planning with detailed getting organized meetings to cover lifestyle and geographical nuances
  • Designing an investment strategy with geographical diversification in mind
  • Understanding choice of retirement destination and planning basis destination of choice
  • Access to relevant experts in the areas of tax and estate planning as necessary