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People in transition

Life throws many challenges at you, which make you go through life transitions. These transitions could be pleasant such as a child qualifying for college education at a top notch university, or a promotion accompanied by geographical movement. Sometimes transitions are sad and unanticipated such as the demise of a spouse.

You are in a life transition if you are anticipating retirement, parenthood, marriage or going through separation in marriage. Most of these transitions mean that life and money could be significantly impacted.

At Plan Ahead we recognise these impacts and offer services to mitigate their impact by:

  • Making contingency plans to allow continuity of your life and routine during transitions
  • Understanding your life goals and core values through life planning
  • Aiding in simplifying finances and drawing up a Financial Plan
  • Identifying risks and ways to mitigate them, both during your lifetime and thereafter
  • Designing an optimal investment strategy to help management of your wealth
  • Drawing up an appropriate succession plan using domain expertise as necessary